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Mar 05 2016

Osteitis Pubis: 6 Months Since Started Running

It has been 6 months since I got a green light from my doctor to start running. Where I am today, Osteitis Pubis wise? I started with light jogs back in September. I Started with 1min run- 1 min walk, 2 min run – 1 min walk, up to 10min run – 1 min walk, …

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Sep 23 2015

Osteitis Pubis: Hopefully My Last Post Related To This Nasty Injury

I just came back from Dr. Lee, my Sport Medicine doctor. He gave me a green light to go back to jogging and after 2-3 months to some serious running. He said that the bone is healed, and his work is done. He advised that I can go back to running, but not to run …

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Sep 09 2015

Osteitis Pubis: 9 Months Later, Almost Ready To Say, I Am Pain Free!

Today is 9 months since my last run. 9 months without running, but I think that I am ready to come back. I did a couple test runs last week, 3-4km each. No pain during any of those runs, just some itching to the left and right of the pubic bone during cooldown walk. After …

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Aug 31 2015

Osteitis Pubis: One Successful OP Sufferer Story

Waiting for an injury to get healed is a very boring and frustrating process. I found that I spend a lot of time browsing the internet, looking for other people’s experiences. The problem with Osteitis Pubis is that there is not much information available. But the other day I found a blog from a guy …

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Aug 23 2015

Osteitis Pubis: Pelvic Floor Physio Works

I had another pelvic floor physio last week. The exercises I have been doing for the last 3 weeks help. I was told that I was an 8 out of 10 pain level before, now I am a 6 out of 10. I can feel that my pelvic floor muscles are tight and painful on …

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Aug 13 2015

Osteitis Pubis: 8 Months Later

2 days ago was 8 months since my last run. It was a nice opportunity to go for a test run, 30 second jog, 2 minute walk, 10 times. I just wanted to see how my Pubic bone is going to respond. I listened very carefully. No pain or any discomfort during and after the …

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Jul 21 2015

Osteitis Pubis: Almost Healed, But…

Well, not too much has happened in the last 3-4 weeks. About Osteitis Pubis, I am on the recovery train. Everything is going in the right direction, the body just needs time to finish healing. I really do not have any more symptoms of Osteitis Pubis. True, I have not ran for 6 weeks now. …

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Jun 27 2015

Osteitis Pubis: A Quick Update

I stopped doing any aerobic activity (stationary bike, recumbent bike, elliptical) since my last doctor’s visit. I just want to follow the doctor’s advice and give my body time to heal. I got the same advice from Dr. Wang, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, who I visit for acupuncture sessions. I am still doing core/pelvic/hips …

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Jun 13 2015

Osteitis Pubis: Six Months Later

This week is 6 months since my last run. I went to see Dr. Robert Lee. He sent me for a Bone Scan test again and asked for test to be compared to my test from December. The results came in. Here is what the radiologist doctor wrote:   Exam Date: June 8, 2015 “The …

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May 21 2015

Osteitis Pubis: A slight progress

I am definitely getting better. I think that the worst is mostly behind me. The only issue I have now is dull pain in lower abdominal when I sit for a long time (1 hour or longer) or when I run. I started doing 45 minute interval workouts on a stationary bike, 2-3 times a …

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