Jan 30 2017

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Year 2016 in Review

Since I got recovered from my injury, I got kind of busy with running and forgot to post in my blog.

So, here is an update, for all of those who has been suffering from this nasty injury.


2016 was a good running year. Just the fact that I ran over 2800km without being injured calls for celebration.

My original goal was to finish the year without injuries and get back as much fitness as possible. But with time and training my appetite grew, and I set a HM goal to sub 1:40 which would be 6 minutes PB.


I ran 3 half marathons. First one, EndurRun in August was a big disappointment. Hot weather, hilly course, too fast start, all that effected me and I had to walk most of the last 3-4km. Final time 1:48:53. Harvest Half HM was in September. Cooler weather, less hilly course and I had my new PB. 1:43:48. That race encouraged me to try to get closer to 1:40.

The third HM, Hamilton Road 2 Hope, was in November. I was not sure what to expect. But I had a couple good taper weeks and I was ready. The race day, weather was perfect. Calm, no wind, temperature around 10 C. I could not ask for better. Final time: 1:38:53. Wow. 7 minutes better than my PB before the injury.


The other successful distance was 5K. The first one I ran in March, 22:37 and the last one in October, 20:23. That was a 26 seconds PB.

I ran a couple 8Ks at the beginning of the year, one 10K, and a couple more odd races. No PBs there, you cannot PB every day.


I took the entire December easy, I did not run a lot, but I power hiked back home and on local trails. With January, I am starting with a plan to run a good marathon, as close as possible to my BQ time, 3:29:59. I have scheduled it for August 19, in Reykjavik, Island.

Bottom line, no pain of any kind in the hips, core, pubic symphysis area,…You can recover from this injury.


Below is the list of my races in 2016:

Feb 21: Re-Fridgee-Eighter 8 KM – 37:02

March 20: Laurier Loop 5 KM – 22:34

April 9: ENDURrace 5 KM – 21:39

April 16: ENDURrace 8 KM – 36:51

June 19: Waterloo Classic 10 KM – 50:51

Aug 7: The ENDURrun HM – 1:48:43

Aug 12: The ENDURrun 25.6K – 3:13:12

Aug 20: Runway 2 Mile Race – 13:27

Sept 24: Harvest Half HM – 1:43:42

Oct 23: Octoberfast 5 KM – 20:23

Nov 6: Road2Hope HM – 1:38:53

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