Dec 30 2014

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Osteitis Pubis: Visit To GRSM

grsmLast night I went to see my physiotherapist at GRSM. I was expecting a lot from that appointment. I was hoping to get some information about the entire pelvic system, about the muscles and ligaments connected to the pubic symphysis,  how to release them to reduce pressure on the pubic bone, how to eliminate pain in lower abdominal muscles. But none of that happened.

What I found out is that they do not have as many patients (if any) with Osteitis Pubis, and runners that run as much as I do. As a result, they do not have almost any experience with this injury. What we accomplished was that the physiotherapist found that I have dull pain and tenderness when he presses my pubic bone (something I tried on my own but could not recreate the pain). That was another confirmation that I have Osteitis Pubis.

The physiotherapist advised to start doing an exercise for transversus abdominal muscles. 3×10 every day. He suggested that I come to see him again in 2-3 weeks. Meanwhile, he is going to talk to a chiropractor for another opinion.

I was a bit disappointed. The dull pain was still there, now more than before and I did not see a solution or anything that could lead to full recovery. I decided to skip spin class today and stop using the stationary bike at least for a week. I suspect that that is one of the reasons why I felt pain in the last 2-3 days more than before.

Update: Got a call from the chiropractor 1 hour ago. I have scheduled an appointment with him for January 2nd. This is a good thing!

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