Apr 26 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: Trip to Cuba

Here is an update about what happened since my last post.

I keep seeing my physiotherapist once a week and every time I get a new set of exercises. Photo # 1 are exercises from April 7th, and photo # 2 are exercises from April 14th. I am very diligent doing the exercises regularly. I do all 4 of  them 2-3 times a day. As a result I see a nice progress. Burning pain in the lower abdominal area is very low compared to 3 weeks ago and I rarely feel it. I can do a sit-up and lift my legs together with much less pain and stiffness than before. Last week I was on a vacation in Cuba. While there I ran twice my old routine, 30 second run, 90 second walk, 10 times. I still feel pain in lower abdominal during the running part. Set1

During those runs, I focused on improving my form. I am trying to run taller, to shorten my stride and increase cadence, and I am engaging deep core muscles (TA, PF, MF). The goal is to eliminate the original cause of the injury which is poor running form and weak core, glutes and hip flexors. All this work on my form is in coordination with Meaghan, the physiotherapist.

I ran another test run today. I still feel dull pain in lower Set2abdominal during run intervals. Walking part is fine. But this running pain feels like it is less pain than 2-3 weeks ago. No pain or itching after the run. I wonder if warm weather and a lot of swimming helped me to recover faster.


I went to watch a marathon race here in my town this morning. I really miss running and competing.

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