Feb 08 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: Start of Physical Therapy

PhysioFirst things first, I am making progress. I am definitely making progress. Not as fast as I would like, but I can feel the improvement. I can almost do a situp without any pain, when I get up after sitting longer it is not as bad as it used to be,… What bothers me is that I still feel a slight sensation above the pubic bone when I get up and it stays while I walk. Looks like that one will be hard to get rid of. Once I get rid of that pain, I will be able to say that I am healed.

I saw Kevin twice in the last two weeks. Nothing new there. The same treatment as before. But we both can see that I am more flexible now. He can put more pressure when he does his work.

I went to see Sean, the physiotherapist. He gave me 4 exercises to do every day. It takes me 15 minutes to go through them.

1. Clamshells 2×10 on both side

2. Glute bridge 2×10

3. Bird Dog 2×10

4. Recruitment Transversus Abdominal 2×10

I can do them all without any pain. Although I am not sure if I am doing the last one right. It is so hard to isolate transverse abdominals. I will see Sean again on Wednesday, I hope that he will add some harder exercises.

Last week we got a load of snow, just over one foot. As a result of hard shovelling, I got “faset irritation” or sharp pain in lower back. Today, 5 days later, I feel better.

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