Sep 23 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: Hopefully My Last Post Related To This Nasty Injury

I just came back from Dr. Lee, my Sport Medicine doctor. He gave me a green light to go back to jogging and after 2-3 months to some serious running. He said that the bone is healed, and his work is done. He advised that I can go back to running, but not to run 2 sequential days for the first couple months.

So that is great news, but where do I go from here?

For the last 5-6 weeks I have been working with Dr. Sean Delanghe, a local chiropactor and a running coach. He is helping me with my lower back problem, but also he is going to write a program for me to get back to running. The plan is to start with some light jogging, like 10 x 1min run, 1min jog, every other day. Depending how my body responds, we will keep adding or cutting run time. Program will include some physiotherapy to address the back issue. I definitely need some plan that will keep me from pushing too hard that I tend to do.

Sean is a great guy and great coach. More importantly, he understands both, runner’s mind and runner’s body. If there is something good that came out from this injury, it is a chance for me to work with him. More info about Sean and his running club here: http://coachinghealthandperformance.blogspot.ca/

I am so looking forward to building some mileage, so I can finally rejoin my friends from Runners By Choice running group. I miss those Sunday’s long runs and chatting with my fellow runners.

Life is good!

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