Mar 18 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: Another Test Run

I changed my strategy a bit. For the last 3 weeks I have been focusing more on doing core workouts than stretching. 40 minutes core, 10 minute stretching. Before I was doing the opposite, I went quickly through the exercises and focused more on Yoga and stretching. I do 6 exercises. 4 of those I got from Sean and I added 2 more. Leg raises (see the picture below) and plank, 30 seconds + 45 seconds + 60 seconds + 30 seconds with 20 seconds rest between. I ride recumbent bike for 5-10 minutes before workout. I am surprised how much I improved during this time. The pain when I get up in the morning is almost gone, I can walk without lower core pain most of the time. Pain in the lower abdominal is much lower than before. I have this pain when I want to do a sit-up or lift my legs together. I rarely have that isolated sharp pain left from PS. The weather got significantly warmer, I wonder if that contributed to me feeling better.













I saw Meaghan, my new physiotherapist twice in last 10 days. First time we spent 50 minutes together. She went through my running history, reviewed my bone scan test results, asked a bunch of questions about the injury and at the end examined me. She wants me to work on activation of my pelvic floor, transversus abdominal, multifidus and diaphragm, one by one for now. She gave me the following brochures to follow:

Activation in general
Transverse Abdominal (TA)
Pelvic Floor (PF)
Multifidus (MF)

I started doing those exercises in parallel with everyday’s core workouts. They are hard to do in a sense that those muscles are hard to isolate. During the second visit, she asked me to start working on activation of TA – diaphragm and PF – diaphragm at the same time. She also told me to stop doing core workouts, but I still might do them 2-3 times a week.

I saw Kevin (chiropractor) on Thursday. He told me that his work is mostly done and advised that I focus on physiotherapy. I will see him again in a month. He asked me to go for a test run, which I did last Sunday.
The same as before. 30 seconds run, 90 seconds walk, repeat 10 times. First I walked for 15 minutes to warm up. The workout went a bit better then 2 weeks ago. I felt dull pain in lower abdominal during running part. But less than last time. And sharp pain left from pubic bone was not there. That day after the run, my lower core muscles were very sore. I had to ice them. On Monday I was still sore, but on Tuesdey everything was fine. All together, I enjoyed the run. It was better then last time for sure.

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