Sep 09 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: 9 Months Later, Almost Ready To Say, I Am Pain Free!

thumb-up-smileyToday is 9 months since my last run. 9 months without running, but I think that I am ready to come back. I did a couple test runs last week, 3-4km each. No pain during any of those runs, just some itching to the left and right of the pubic bone during cooldown walk. After the runs, a day later, I felt some burning in the perineum area, but nothing around the pubic symphysis. The burning pain is triggered by longer sitting (as usual), looks like it has nothing to do with running and is not related to Osteitis Pubis. It is probably result of a pinched nerve in my lower back (L4-L5-S1) as the MRI I did 2 months ago showed.

I am going to see Dr. Lee on September 23rd. Meanwhile, I am starting to run every second day, 1 minute run – 1 minute walk, 10-12 times. It really feels great to be pain free!

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