Aug 13 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: 8 Months Later

2 days ago was 8 months since my last run. It was a nice opportunity to go for a test run, 30 second jog, 2 minute walk, 10 times. I just wanted to see how my Pubic bone is going to respond. I listened very carefully. No pain or any discomfort during and after the run. The following day, I felt some aching in the pubic bone area, just on moments, 3-4 times during the day. Today, 2 days later, I still feel stiffness from time to time on top and around pubic symphasis. I do not know what to think. I am definitely better, but I am not healed yet. Going back to running on September 1st sounds too optimistic at this point. Very frustrating.

My pelvic floor burning pain is still an issue. But it does not radiate toward abdominal area any more. I do exercises for pelvic floor daily, and it looks like that I am getting better. Sitting is still my worst enemy.

At this point, I just have to be patient and wait…

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