Mar 05 2016

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Osteitis Pubis: 6 Months Since Started Running

It has been 6 months since I got a green light from my doctor to start running.

Where I am today, Osteitis Pubis wise?

I started with light jogs back in September. I Started with 1min run- 1 min walk, 2 min run – 1 min walk, up to 10min run – 1 min walk, and eventually after a month, continuous 30 minute runs.

I ran my first race (5K) on October 18th. My 25:28 time showed that I lost a lot of fitness.

After that race, I started increasing mileage. The image below shows my monthly mileage from September including first week of February.

Dec28Feb72016September – December time frame, I felt all kinds of different itches and tickles in the lower abdominal and pubic bone area. Not the same as when I was injured, but I felt that something was happening. Like I have sport hernia or something similar. During regular visits to Dr. Sean, he explained to me that it was normal, and it would disappear with time. He was right, around Christmas time, I stopped paying attention to those pains, and eventually, they were gone. I could completely focus on running.

In January, my running group started a new training cycle. That meant running 5 times a week, with some quality workouts. In January I ran 230km (140 miles). No signs of Osteitis Pubis!.

In February I ran another race (8K). Chip time was 37:02, which is 1:30 slower than my PB, but still a decent time. I was back.

This is first week of March, my mileage should be around 55K (35 miles). No pain.

One very important thing is that during this time, I have been doing a lot of core and other physio exercises that I got from Dr. Sean. I do them 2-3 times a week and I think that is a key thing in me not being re-injured. I run much stronger and taller. No sore calves any more, I feel that I include glutes, hips and core muscles more in my running than before.

And something I did not do before, I spend 5-10 minutes after each workout to stretch.

As a conclusion, I have recovered. It took 10 months, this injury needs time to heal. Patience is very important, and physio exercises. But there is light at the end of the tunnel!

I am much smarter runner now.

Here is a chronology of my injury.

November 2014 – First symptoms that I ignored. Pain in lower abdominal when run.

Here is a list of symptoms that I had: 
– Pain in groin region, of both legs, core, adductors, between the legs 
– Rolling over in bed very painful, 
– Pain is present when walking, running, and when squeezing thighs together 
– Pain increases after sleeping, when I first get out of bed 
– Dull pain on top of the pubic bone 
– Cannot do a sit-up or lift both legs together 

December 2014 – Last run on December 7th.

December 2014 – Visit to the family doctor and sport medicine doctor

December 2014 – Bone Scan test on December 18th showed that I have advanced Osteitis Pubis

January – April 2015 – A lot physio, yoga, chiropractor, no running. Still OP symptoms present.

May 2015 – Started light running on my own, but it made things worse

June 2015 – Another Bone Scan test showed that I am getting better but not healed yet. Dr. Lee ordered no running before September.

July – August 2015 – Yoga, Physio, Dr. Sean physio exercises.

September 2015 – Tested running again, almost no pain. Dr. Lee told me that I was healed and that I can go back to running. Dr. Sean made me a plan to get back easy.

January 2016 – Ran 230km this month, no pain.

Here is link to my running log, with more details about my comeback workout program and my everyday running:

My Running Log

So, that is my Osteitis Pubis story. Now I have to be smart, listen my body, keep doing physio, stretching after workouts. And enjoy running.

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