May 03 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: 21 Weeks Of No Running

I attended a conference on Monday and Tuesday this week. No exercises in those 2 days but I spent most of the time sitting. As a result, that dull pain in lower abdominal came back. It was still there on Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday was better, Saturday even better, and today, on Sunday, it is on the border. I do not have pain, but it feels like it might come back any moment.

I went to see Meaghan on Tuesday. She added a couple more exercises to the list, as you can see below. Last time I ran was Tuesday night. I will hold off running for another week, to see if it will make a difference. Meanwhile, I did a yoga classs, a couple recumbent bike sessions and some gardening. None of them caused any additional pain or discomfort.

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