Jan 12 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: 10 Days and 3 Chiropractor’s Treatments Later

10 days later and after 3 visits to the chiropractor, here is what is going on.
After only the first visit, I would say that 40% of the pain was gone. I was able to do a sit-up, and some other symptoms were gone. After the second visit, I felt great. almost 95% recovered. No symptoms at all. I went to the third treatment very optimistic. That one was the same as the previous two. Dry needles to relax the core and adductor muscles for 5-10 minutes, and then Kevin’s fingers and ART. Very painful. After the treatment Kevin told me that he was surprised how fast I was recovering. He also told me that I might be able to go for a test run beginning of February. He mentioned that in 2 weeks I should start seeing Sean, the physiotherapist to work on my core. Everything sounded so great, I spent that entire Saturday reading running books and planning my race season including the winter camping trip. No pain at all, nor any OP symptoms.

Then yesterday, I went for a walk with my wife. A 1 hour walk in the local park on snow covered paths with some hills. It was a slow, relaxing walk with occasional stops. During the walk and right after the walk I started feeling pain in lower core muscles. It was not as bad as it was 2 weeks ago, but it was there. Also, getting up from the sitting position caused dull pain on the top of the pubic bone and around groins. What is different from before is that, this time the dull pain is not gone after 10-15 steps, it is there all the time. I would say that it is 75% of what I felt before. Today, during the entire day, the dull pain was there all the time, getting worse when I get up from my chair at work.

I have an appointment scheduled with Kevin tomorrow.

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