Dec 24 2014

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First Post

What a way to start a running blog. A week ago I was diagnosed with Osteitis Pubis injury. No running for 4-6 months.

Four weeks ago (November 27th) I started feeling dull pain in my lower abdominal area during an easy run. The pain lasted only during the first 3km. The following 3-4 runs and the same thing happened. Off and on dull pain around the pubic bone. Another symptom, every time I get up from a chair and start walking, I feel stiffness in the lower abdomen for a couple minutes. Also, when I lay down, I can not do a single situp or lift my legs together. It just causes so much pain.

ans7_osteitis_pubisOn December 4th, I went to see my family doctor who sent me to see a sport medicine specialist, Dr. Robert Lee in Waterloo Sports Medicine. Dr. Lee said that it looked like Osteitis Pubis and stress fracture of the pubic bone. He sent me to do a bone scan test. I was surprised how quickly they scheduled the test. On December 17th I went to St. Mary hospital for the test and a day later to see Dr. Lee again for the results.

It was confirmed that I have Osteitis Pubis. Exact words from the results:

“Significant increased delayed tracer uptake and blood pool uptake is seen in the area of the symphysis pubis/pubic bones and adjacent medial superior right pubic ramus. Appearance could be seen with significant active osteitis pubis…”

Dr. Lee advised to stop running immediately (which I have already done) and to come back to see him in 2 months. If the pain is gone, he would suggest to start with some light slow running, like 2-3km at the time. Meanwhile, he told me to visit a physiotherapist. On my suggestion he approved to go to Grand River Sports Medicine (GRSM) on Strasburg Road.

So, that is my story. I did a stationary bike workout yesterday, and no pain during peddling. Looks like I will be able to continue with that.

I cannot wait December 29th, to see Sean Meyer from GRSM to see if physiotherapy can speed up the recovery.

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