Jan 02 2015

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Chiropractor – First Visit for Osteitis Pubis

Today I went to see my chiropractor at GRSM. Kevin is an experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor who helped me last year with my left achilles tendon issue.

My first impression was very positive. Kevin demonstrated that he is familiar with this type of injury. First 20 minutes we spent assessing the situation. After that I went to the table. Kevin found that my adductors and core muscles were very tight and as far as I understood that, the plan was to work on releasing these muscles. He started with dry needles in my lower abdominal muscles and adductors for 5 minutes. It was not as painful as I was expecting it to be. Next step was to use active release technique (ART) in my groin area. That part hurt.

Kevin suggested that I come twice a week for the first 3 weeks and then we would switch to one treatment a week. He explained that still the main course of action would be rest, but his work was going to speed up the healing process. He suggested to stop doing stationary bike workouts for now. Yoga is OK and recommended.

He agreed with the sport medicine doctor that I could expect to get back to full training in 4-6 months if I am patient with the resting.

Now, 4-5 hours after the treatment, I still have the same OP symptoms, but I trust Kevin. Now I am optimistic that this injury will not drag forever and that I might run a race or two later this year.

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