Mar 07 2015

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Osteitis Pubis: 12 Weeks Review

MargaretWebbBookLast Sunday was 12 weeks since my last run. 12 weeks later, I am still injured. There is a progress, some symptoms are gone, but I still do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is no adductors pain any more, I can do a sit-up, I can lift my legs together, I can squeeze my knees together without pain, there is no abdominal pain when sneeze or cough. But that stiffness above the pubic bone is still there.
On Sunday I went for a test run. 30 seconds run, 90 seconds walk, 10 times. It went terrible. First of all, it was very cold evening and streets were covered by snow and ice. As soon as I started running, I felt dull pain left from the pubic bone. Also unusual pain in the lower abdominal. Like my core muscles are shaking. During walking part all the pain stopped. I finished the workout, 20 minutes, total of 2.4km.

Went to see Kevin on Tuesday. He was surprised to hear about my run. He explained that it could be combination of cold weather (I did not warm up before the run), uneven surface, and loose muscles after 12 weeks of a lot of stretching and no running. I guess he is right but this is getting frustrating.

I decided to change my physiotherapist. Sean is a great guy, but I need someone with more experience. I am going to see Meagan from the same clinic next Tuesday. Meanwhile, I will keep doing Sean’s exercises and yin yoga.

Last night I went with my wife and a couple running friends to see Margaret Webb speaking. She wrote a book, “Older, Stronger, Faster”. It is about running after 50. She stopped smoking when she was 50 and started her journey to be a healthy runner. I bought the book, as soon as my wife is done, I am going to read it. Very interesting lady, more info here: http://margaretwebb.com/

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