Deep Freeze 2006 Florida Lake, 100 km north from Sudbury

Bill P reports::

Well a week has gone by and it's time to put down my thoughts about deepfreeze. I won't include any pics as Tony and Nicole covered that part.
The first day [Saturday] we all trickled into the train station from different parts of Sudbury thanks to the many hosts that gave us a piece of there floors or beds. The Bud car was 2.5 hours late but it came. After loading up we made a speedy trip up to our destination of Path Creek after dropping off Rick at Nitro creek where he went solo and met up with the rest of the gang on Monday.
We made it to Florida lake the first day and just about everyone was set up by 6:00 pm and fires started in the hot tents. Dave bunked in the lounge with Sid , Mike and me and Jean-Luc and his son camped wirth Llyod as there wasn't enough time to set up every tent. Our tent enjoyed getting to know Dave[mark] even if he slept in and didn't start the stove for us in Sunday morning.
The first group's thanks go out to Scouter Joe and Sid[smokey] for the trail marking they did in October. If they hadn't done this we never would have made it to Florida lake on Saturday, as there wasn't any time to look for a trail. They also cleared the trail in Oct. which made our pull in much easier. As it was, Tony and Cliff broke the last part of the trail to our camp and while crossing Path Creek Tony broke through the ice and was soaked to his waist and Cliff bruised his shoulder trying to get a log out to Tony. Thank goodness for the wool and felt Tony was wearing as it was a cold day. As soon as Tony's body warmed up the wet clothing the wool kept him warm enough to survive till he set up camp.
The next day was a full day of camp chores , fine tuning the tents and visiting. Monday was spent snowshoeing and getting a few more sites ready for the Tuesday campers. Wednesday we lost a few campers who caught a Bud Car that was just about on time. Thursday was another day where we welcomed some more campers and a blinding snowstorm in the afternoon which dumped about 15cm of snow in a couple hours. It was a good job I was following Sid on our way back from "speck' lake as my glasses were useless and about all I could see were the backs of Sid's blue snoeshoes. There was a right turn at the edge of a steep drop which I would have went over if Sid hadn't said 'turn Bill' , Sid had just had lazer eye surgury in the fall so he could see real good. Friday was a day to do some more camp work , a small hike and see another group leave for the tracks to meet the bud car which this time was 5 hrs late[ all part of the adventure]. Saturday Sid , Michael ,Cliff and me went to Speck lake again to try our luck fishing again but the wind was very brisk and our time was spent mostly on shore near Cliffs fire warming up and eating. We also welcomed quite a few visitors the took the senic trip over the ridges to Speck lake.. Sunday was packing day , we all got out to the tracks on time but of coarse the Bud car was almost two hours late, got back to Sudbury at 9:00 pm.
This was another great winter camping trip, with great scenery, cold temps, and lots of fun. I would like to thank all the people who came to deepfreeze for the wonderfull company and the ability to work together to make our small village on the shores of Florida lake a memorial time. To my tent mates and our next door neighbours[ Joe, Cliff and Debbie], wow it was a blast. To all the visitors to Smokey's lounge I hope you all come back next year to keep us a wake long into the night and Jim we don't cheat.
To anyone that might want to try the winter camping thing, the deepfreeze gatherings are an ideal place to try it, as well as seeing all the different gear and hot tents. Hope to see every one next year as well as some new faces.