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October 19: OctoberFest 5K Race

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Photos by Julie 1 Photos by Julie 2 Photos by Julie 3 Photos by Andrew 1
New 5K PB: 20:49 (20:52). 6/31 in my age group.
Splits: 4:03, 4:12, 4:07,4:15, 4:05


Oct192014-3 Oct192014-1 Oct192014-2


September 28: Laurier Loop


Statistics: RunningAhead     Strava

Photos by Julie 1    Photos by Julie 2    Photos by Julie 3

Laurier Loop Relay 4×2.5km.

Total: 56:50
Sandra: 14:40
Marina: 15:35
Andrea: 16:00
Dusan: 10:35

Felt good all the way. It was hard but comfortable. Very warm weather. 1 hill on the course.

LaurierLoop2014-13LaurierLoop2014-3 LaurierLoop2014-4 LaurierLoop2014-5 LaurierLoop2014-6 LaurierLoop2014-7 LaurierLoop2014-8 LaurierLoop2014-9 LaurierLoop2014-10 LaurierLoop2014-11  LaurierLoop2014-13


September 13: Harvest Half


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Photos by Julie 1     Photos by Julie 2      Photos by Lahring

Second best HM time: 1:46:01.  6/16 in my age group.

Great course, but very humid weather. Tried to keep even pace and had some issues at the end.

Sept132014-1 Sept132014-2 Sept132014-3Sept132014-4Sept132014-5
















August 10-16: EndurRun


July 9: Summer’s Night 5K Guelph


Statistics: RunningAhead     Strava 

New 5K PB. 21:27 (21:33)  9/20 in my age group.

Very hard race. I was ready to give up between km 2 and 4. But last 400m I sprint. Some pain in the AT area after the race.

Splits: 4:14, 4:21, 4:17, 4:25, 4:09


June 15: Waterloo Classic 10K


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Photos by Julie 1  Photos by Julie 2   Photos by Julie 3    Photos by Lahring

For some reason, very hard race for me. Maybe because it was in the middle of my Endurrun training.

WaterlooClassicJune2014-3 WaterlooClassicJune2014-1 WaterlooClassicJune2014-2







April 26: EndurRace 8K Elmira


Statistics: RunningAhead     Strava

Photos by Julie 1  Photos by Julie 2   Photos by Sherri and Alan Clark

New 8K PB. 35:39 (35:42)  5/12 in my age group.

Cold weather, some front wind in the middle, but wind in my back at the end.















April 12: Marden HM, Marden


Statistics: RunningAhead    Strava

Time: 1:46:51

A terrible race. The problems started after 3km. I managed to keep up the pace until the turn around (km 11) but than I felt apart and started walking from time to time.

March 8: BFF Pink Ribbon Run, 10K, Myrtle Beach, SC


Statistics: RunningAhead     Strava

New 10K PB. 44:57, 12/168 overall

Very hard but great race. The weather was perfect, the course was flat. I kept even pace all the way.


 February 23: Re-Fridgee-Eighter 8K, Waterloo


Statistics:  RunningAhead     Strava

Photos by Julie 1    Photos by Julie 2

New 8K PB. 35:55 (36:00). 3/14 in my age group. First medal for being in top 3.

Very cold weather. But a great race. I enjoyed it all the way.




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