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November 2: Remember Run 5K, Cambridge


Statistics: RunningAhead

Photos by Julie     Photos by Ryan

Time: 24:23 (24:42), 8/15 in my age group.

First race after the injury. Pushed 90%. I could have gone faster, but not for a lot. Pain along the outside bottom of the left foot and around the left ankle from the outside. Some sensation in the calves, specially left lower outside closer to the AT.
2 km warmup and cooldown. Total 7km.
Splits: 4:57, 4:47, 5:00, 4:57, 4:27









September 29: Laurier Loop 4×2.5, Waterloo


Statistics: RunningAhead

Photos by Julie 1     Photos by Julie 2     Photos by Lahring

4×2.5K race

Sandra 15:50 (15:50)
Marina 31:05 (15:15)
Andrea 44:45 (13:40)
Dusan 56:15 (11:30)
Final time: 56:15

Sept2013LaurierLoop-1 Sept2013LaurierLoop-2 Sept2013LaurierLoop-3 Sept2013LaurierLoop-4 Sept2013LaurierLoop-5 Sept2013LaurierLoop-6 Sept2013LaurierLoop-7 Sept2013LaurierLoop-8 Sept2013LaurierLoop-9 Sept2013LaurierLoop-10 Sept2013LaurierLoop-11 Sept2013LaurierLoop-12 Sept2013LaurierLoop-13 Sept2013LaurierLoop-14 Sept2013LaurierLoop-15 Sept2013LaurierLoop-16






























July 10: Summer’s Night 5K,



Statistics: RunningAhead

Splits: 4:05, 4:16, 4:20, 4:30, 4:16

New 5K PB, Time: 21:40 (21:42)

Very hard race. Specially km 3 and 4. Weather was not as humid as I expected. It rained 2 hours before race and cool the air down. The temp was around 25C.


June 16: Waterloo Classic 10K, Waterloo


Statistics: RunningAhead

Photos by Julie 1     Photos by Julie 2

Time: 46:47 (46:55)    8/23 in my age group.
















May 11: Dunford 5K, New Hamburg


Statistics: RunningAhead

Photos by Julie 1

Splits: 4:21, 4:20, 4:24, 4:27, 4:09

Great race. Big hill between KM 3 and 4. It was hard, but I think that I could have pushed the last km.
The weather was cold and windy. Sandra and the kids ran 3K.

May2013NewHamburg5K-1 May2013NewHamburg5K-2 May2013NewHamburg5K-3 May2013NewHamburg5K-4 May2013NewHamburg5K-5 May2013NewHamburg5K-6 May2013NewHamburg5K-7 May2013NewHamburg5K-8 May2013NewHamburg5K-9 May2013NewHamburg5K-10 May2013NewHamburg5K-11 May2013NewHamburg5K-12 May2013NewHamburg5K-13 May2013NewHamburg5K-14 May2013NewHamburg5K-15 May2013NewHamburg5K-16



























April 13: EndurRace 5K, Elmira


Statistics: RunningAhead

Photos by Julie

Time: 22:16 (22:19)  4/11 in my age group

Splits: 4:04, 4:31, 4:30, 4:26, 4:28

Ran the race with Luka. He finished 30 seconds behind me. We both started too fast. The trouble started right after KM 1

April2013EndurRace5K-1 April2013EndurRace5K-2 April2013EndurRace5K-3 April2013EndurRace5K-4









March 15: Wrightsville Beach Marathon, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina


Statistics: RunningAhead

Time: 4:00:04 (4:02:33)





February 18: Re-Freedge-Eighter , Waterloo


Statistics: RunningAhead

Photos by Julie 1   Photos by Julie 2    Photos by Julie 3    Photos by Ryan

Time: 36:30 (36:37), 4/13 in my age group.

February2013Refridgeeeighter8K-1 February2013Refridgeeeighter8K-2 February2013Refridgeeeighter8K-3

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